When you hear the word njuifile, do not immediately think of a dark, mysterious term with hidden significance. In fact, most people won’t even know what a njuifile is. But these days, everyone’s a linguist: the word has entered common parlance and has taken on a life of its own. A njuifile is any kind of film or video used to illustrate literary works in print or online. While this can mean everything from 8-bit Flash animations to 3-D feature films, njuifiles are generally referred to as illustrations—a digital representation of an illustration that shows readers how it’s supposed to look. So here are 10 useful tips for choosing the perfect njuifile for your style!

Decide what kind of njuifile you’re looking for first.

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Choosing the right kind of njuifile is half the battle. In the beginning, you’ll probably want to experiment with any kind of njuifile to see what kind of impact it has on readers. But once you’ve found what you like, stick to that. When you’re choosing the right kind of njuifile, you can concentrate on the aesthetics of the work and how it’s meant to be used, rather than worrying about its technical qualities.

Look at the intended audience first.

People interested in a certain topic will usually read works with that topic much more quickly than people who don’t care about it as much. And if you want to be seen as a thought provoker, you need to look the part: you need to make people interested in your field of study. But how do you go about that? First, think about the kind of audience you want to reach. Are they tech-savvy or history buffs? Do they like to explore ancient cultures? Are they interested in art history? Consider the intended audience and their level of interest before diving in with your illustrations.

Have your illustrations prepared ahead of time.

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You don’t have to be an illustrations whiz to make use of the fact that people are more likely to click on images when they’re initially presented with them as links. But most people don’t know this trick: they click on images, but they don’t realize that those links take them to your site. So, prepare your links a little bit ahead of time, and send people to your alternate domain so they can discover your work in its entirety. And yes, you can include alt tags in your images, but be careful: people will associate your links with the images, and that might backfire on you later on!

Summing up

Choosing the right kind of njuifile can make or break an online submission. Make sure you know what kind of njuifile you’re looking for and choose accordingly. There are many different types of njuifiles, so be aware of the various matchups and keep an open mind when it comes to choosing the right one.

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