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Alex Kleyner is the CEO of Tuition Master, a company that helps students find and afford the best tuition rates for their courses. In this interview, Alex discusses diversity in the tech industry, how Tuition Master is trying to make education more inclusive, and why he believes VC funding will be a key factor in the future of his company.

Alex Kleyner’s Background

Tuition Master CEO Alex Kleyner discusses diversity, inclusivity and VC funding.

Alex Kleyner is the CEO of Tuition Master, a company that helps students pay for college. He has a background in business administration and finance, and he has worked in both public and private sectors. He has also served as a mentor and advisor to startups.

Kleyner has spoken about diversity and inclusion at various events, including the SXSW Conference and the Harvard Business School Startup Expo. He has also written about the topic on his blog. In one post, he discusses how Tuition Master helps make college more affordable for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

VC funding is an important part of the startup ecosystem, and it’s important for businesses to attract funding from investors who share their vision for the company. Kleyner discusses this issue on his blog, noting that Tuition Master is not only focused on helping students afford college tuition, but also on helping them succeed after they’ve completed their degrees.

How Tuition Master Helps Students from Underrepresented Groups

Tuition Master, a tuition management company, has been helping students from underrepresented groups since 2013. Alex Kleyner CEO of Tuition Master, believes that diversity and inclusion are key to success.

“There is no silver bullet when it comes to diversity and inclusion,” Kleyner says. “But teams that are diverse and inclusive can be more innovative and successful.”

Kleyner cites research that shows that companies with a diverse workforce are more likely to succeed in the future. Tuition Master strives to be an inclusive company by hiring a diverse workforce and investing in diversity training for all employees.

In addition to attracting talented employees, Kleyner believes that investing in diversity and inclusion is also important for business growth. Diverse teams can identify and address unknown problems more effectively. They also tend to be more creative, which can lead to innovation and new business ideas.

To date, Tuition Master has helped over 100,000 students from underrepresented groups find affordable or free tuition opportunities. Kleyner is passionate about helping as many students as possible attend college without financial stress.

Diversity and Inclusivity in the VC Space

As the founder of Tuition Master, Alex Kleyner is well-aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the VC space. In an interview with Forbes, he touched on the issue and argued that it is essential for startups to have a diverse and inclusive board in order to attract top talent. He also discussed the importance of VC funding in this context and argued that it is essential for startups to have a diverse pool of investors from which to draw upon.

According to Kleyner, many talented women and minority entrepreneurs are not being drawn towards venture capital because they do not feel comfortable presenting their ideas to a predominantly white or male board. This is especially true for startups located in traditionally “less inclusive” industries such as tech, where there is a higher risk of failure.

Kleyner has been working to change this trend through Tuition Master, which provides resources and support to marginalized entrepreneurs. In addition to investing in companies himself, he also works with other angel investors and venture capitalists to promote diversity and inclusion in the VC space. He believes that this is crucial if startups are ever going to succeed in the long term.

The Role of VCs in Supporting Diversity and Inclusivity

VCs have been increasingly involved in supporting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Alex Kleyner, CEO of tuition master, is one such VC. Kleyner had this to say about VCs and diversity: “VCs are more likely to invest in companies that are inclusive and diverse. They want to see a company that represents their community and they’re willing to invest in those types of businesses.”
Kleyner also discusses how tuition master has been able to attract VC funding. “We’ve been able to attract a lot of VC money because we actually understand what it takes to run a successful business,” he says. “We’ve learned from our mistakes and we’re now focused on building the best education platform out there.”


As we move forward, it is more important than ever to be mindful of diversity and inclusivity when it comes to our businesses. It is essential that we find ways to build a workforce that reflects the communities we serve, which is why Alex Kleyner believes in investing in companies that make an impact on diversity and inclusion. Tuition Master has been at the forefront of this movement for years now, and their experience with VC funding will only help them continue to grow and succeed. Thank you for joining me today as I discuss what it means to be a responsible corporate citizen!

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