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If you like puzzles, today’s crossword is for you! In this puzzle, all of the answers are words that have a bitter taste. Can you figure out what they are?

Some of the answers include:


If you can identify all of the answers, congratulations! You’ve earned yourself a nice pat on the back. And if you can’t, well – don’t worry, we have a few hints for you below.


-One answer has to do with food. (Bitter apple cider)
-Another answer has to do with medicine. (Bittersweet chocolate)
-Another answer has to do with a type of mineral. (Bittersweet sulfate)
-And finally, one answer is a type of liquor. (Bittersweet liqueur)Hopefully, some of these answers will help you figure out what the other answers are. Have fun!


Bitter Taste: Definition and Characteristics

What does bitter taste like?
Bitter is a taste that is generally unpleasant and can be found in many flavors, such as citrus and licorice. Bitter foods often have a sour or pungent flavor. They can also have a numbing effect on the mouth.

What are some characteristics of a bitter taste?
Some common characteristics of a bitter taste are that it is generally unpleasant, it can be found in many flavors, and it can have a numbing effect on the mouth.

Compounds That Make up Bitters

Bitters are a type of compound that make up a cocktail. Bitters are made from herbs and spices that are used to add flavor and bitterness to drinks. Some common bitters include ginger, black pepper, and allspice.

Bitters are used in cocktails to add a bitter taste and aroma. They can also be used as a mixer, as they can help to enhance the flavors of other ingredients.

How to Add Bitters to Your Diet

Adding bitters to your diet can make it more palatable and help to reduce the number of calories you consume. Bitters may also provide some health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and helping to lower blood sugar levels. If you are trying to cut down on calories, there are several different types of bitters available that can help you do just that.

In general, using a little bit of bitters each day can help to add flavor and spice to your meals without adding too many calories or carbs. Check out some of the different types of bitters available on the market today and see which suits your taste buds best.

Recipes with Bitters

Bitters add a complex and interesting flavor to cocktails, sodas and other drinks. Bitters are also used in cooking to add flavor to sauces, gravies and other dishes. What is the difference between a bitters and a sauce? A sauce is made with fresh or canned ingredients while bitters are made with herbs, spices and roots. Bitters are also more potent than sauces.

Here are some recipes with bitters that you can try out this weekend.

– Strawberry Basil Lemon Bitters
– Orange Bitters Lychee Martini
– Maple Syrup Bitters Beer Float


Today’s crossword has a fun theme – what does bitter taste like? We get to explore this question by looking at some of the clues and then providing our own answers. Some of the answers might surprise you, so be sure to check them out!

Some of the answers we came up with include:


If you are looking for a harder challenge, be sure to check out the full crossword puzzle below!

We begin our journey with clue A, which asks us to name a type of fruit. Most people would answer “grape,” but the correct answer is “apricot.” Why? Because apricots are tart and have a bitter taste.

Clue B is another easy one. It asks us to name a type of beverage that is high in sugar. Most people would say “coffee,” but the correct answer is “tea.” Tea has more sugar than coffee, so it has a stronger bitter taste.

Clue C asks us to name a type of vegetable that is high in potassium. Most people would say “potato,” but the correct answer is “spinach.” Spinach has more potassium than potatoes, so it has a stronger bitter taste.

Clue D asks us to name a type of mineral that is

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