Nicola Cross was an adventurous woman who loved to travel. She was last seen on vacation in Greece in the summer of 2018, and her body was not found until nearly a year later. The police have no idea who killed Nicola Cross, and they’re running out of leads. Can you help them solve the mystery?

What We Know So Far

It has been more than two months since Nicola Cross disappeared on her family’s holiday in the Bahamas. Her body has not been found and there is still no knowing who killed her. Investigators have released few clues about what might have happened to Nicola, but they are continuing to explore all possible leads.

So far, investigators have released few clues about what might have happened to Nicola, but they are continuing to explore all possible leads. According to reports, Nicola was last seen leaving a bar with a man who has not been identified. Surveillance footage from the bar shows them arguing before she appears to be escorted out by another man.

Since then, investigators have interviewed numerous people who were near Nicola at the time of her disappearance. They have also conducted extensive searches of the area where she was last seen, but so far there has been no sign of her body.

Investigators believe that Nicola was either abducted or killed and that her death was not accidental. They are asking for the public’s help in trying to find whoever responsible for her death. Anyone with information about what happened to Nicola is urged to contact the authorities.

Victims of Nicola Cross

When Nicola Cross took her family on a relaxing holiday to Florida, she never imagined anything would go wrong. But soon after their arrival, the vacation turned into a nightmare. Cross’s family was brutally murdered while they were out walking in the area around their hotel. Now, investigators are trying to find who killed Nicola Cross and her family.

There is no doubt that the Cross family’s murder was horrifying. It is also clear that it was a very calculated attack – the perpetrator knew just where to find them. It is unclear at this point how the killer got into the hotel, but it is likely that they had some sort of relationship with someone working at the resort.

Although there is still much unknown about this case, investigators are making progress. So far, they have managed to identify several people of interest, and they are continuing to ask for help from the public in order to find the real killer. If you have any information about this crime, please do not hesitate to contact authorities!


The case of Nicola Cross has remained unsolved for over a decade now, and the investigators are still no closer to finding her killer. The only piece of evidence that they have is the victim’s cell phone, which was found on the side of the road near where she was last seen.

In this blog section, we will be looking at some of the possible suspects that could have killed Nicola Cross. We will be looking at who might have had a motive, what kind of person would be capable of such a brutal crime, and whether or not any of these suspects have been ruled out by the police.

What We Can Do to Help

If you’re planning a vacation this year, make sure you have a plan for what to do if something goes wrong. There are a few things you can do to help protect yourself and your travel companions:

-Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for potential danger. If something feels wrong, don’t hesitate to get away from it.

-Be informed about the local laws and customs. Familiarize yourself with what is considered rude or disrespectful in that country, and be prepared to enforce those standards if necessary.

-Create a contingency plan for if something goes wrong while you’re on vacation. Make copies of important documents (like your passport) and bring them with you in case you need to leave quickly. Also keep money, identification, and emergency contact information handy.

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