Nicola May, the Conservative MP for South West Hampshire, caused a stir on social media this week when she crossed her arms during Prime Minister’s Questions. The gesture was interpreted as a sign of defiance against her leader, Theresa May.

What did May actually do during PMQs? In short, she refused to answer a question from Labour MP Ruth Smeeth about the government’s plans for social care. This refusal generated speculation about May’s future as Conservative leader, and raised questions about her relationship with the Prime Minister.

What Nicola May is Accused of

The explosive Nicola May cross hands is a shocking accusation made against the Conservative MP. The allegation is that May deliberately crossed her hands in a way that could be interpreted as a sign of insult or aggression. It’s an accusation that could potentially damage May’s career and reputation.

The allegation first surfaced in an article published in The Sunday Times in October 2017.

The allegation has since been widely circulated online and has been the focus of various news reports. Some have suggested that the gesture could be interpreted as a threat or challenge to another person.

If the accusation is proven to be true, it could damage May’s reputation and career.


Reaction to the Arrest

The arrest of Nicola May has been met with mixed reactions from the public. While some are outraged at the police for using excessive force, others find the whole situation to be comical. The following blog section provides a variety of reactions to the news.

Defense Strategy

Nicola May’s defense strategy for the 2016 United Kingdom general election is nothing short of explosive. The Conservative MP has proposed a number of potentially game-changing policies that could help her party win back seats and become the next Prime Minister.

One proposal is for a cut in income tax for the wealthy, which May claims would stimulate economic growth and create jobs. Her second proposal is a plan to hire 10,000 new police officers and security guards over the next five years. This, she argues, would help fight crime and make Britain safer.

May’s proposals have drawn criticism from some on the left who accuse her of being out of touch with ordinary people. But with the General Election just weeks away, her bold strategy is sure to be one of the major talking points during the campaign.

What May Needs to Do Now

Nicola May needs to do something drastic if she wants to salvage her career.

What This Means for the UK Election

The explosive news that Theresa May is to form a coalition with the DUP has rocked Westminster.. Many people are questioning what this means for the UK election, which is only two weeks away.

It’s been widely reported that May is hoping to form a coalition with the DUP in order to stop the Labour party from coming back into power. This is something that Jeremy Corbyn has been very vocal about – he wants to see Labour become the main party in government. However, this deal could mean that it won’t happen. If May can’t get support from her own party then she may have to resign and let someone else take over as Prime Minister. This would mean another election, which could be very damaging for her Conservative party.

This news has also created some questions about the Brexit process. It’s now unclear whether or not the UK will still leave the EU on 29 March – this is because the DUP doesn’t support Brexit. It’s possible that Theresa May will have to renegotiate the deal with the EU in order


Nicola May has announced that she is stepping down as the leader of the Conservative party. This comes just days after an explosive report alleged financial irregularities within her own campaign team. These allegations have sparked calls for May to step down, with deputy leader Nigel Farage calling for a full parliamentary investigation.

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