On Friday, Brittani Marcell was in court for a pretrial hearing related to the death of Tia Coleman’s daughter. Here’s what happened and how it affects Tia Coleman and what is up next.

Brittani Marcell update: what happened in court on Friday

Tia and Brittani had a very emotional day in court on Friday. After Tia testified about what happened the night of the incident, the judge ruled that there was enough evidence for Brittani to stand trial. This was a difficult decision for the family, but they feel that it is best for Tia to have her day in court. The trial is set to begin in January and will likely be a long and difficult process for everyone involved. In the meantime, Tia and her family are focusing on healing and moving forward.
Brittani Marcell Update: What’s Next for Tia?

Tia has been through a lot in the past few months, but she is determined to move forward with her life. She is still attending counseling and working on rebuilding her relationship with her family. Tia is also focusing on her future and is considering going to college to study psychology. She wants to help other survivors of domestic violence and make sure that no one else has to go through what she did.

How it affects Tia

Tia was in court on Friday to support Brittani, but she was also there as a victim. Tia has been living with the aftermath of Brittani’s crimes for nearly two years now. While she is relieved that justice is finally being served, the process has been very difficult for her.

On Friday, Tia sat in the courtroom and listened as the prosecutor described the horrific details of what Brittani did to her. It was hard for her to hear, but she knew it was important for the jury to understand the gravity of the situation.

After hearing all of the evidence, the jury found Brittani guilty on all counts. Tia sobbed with relief when the verdict was read. She knows that this is only the beginning of the long road to recovery, but she feels like justice has finally been served.

What is up next

It was a big day in court for Brittani Marcell on Friday.  However, the judge did agree to allow her to have contact with her daughter Tia through phone calls and visits.

What is up next for Brittani Marcell? She will continue to await her trial in jail. Her family is hopeful that she will be found not guilty and be able to return home to Tia. In the meantime, they are trying to make the best of the situation by staying in touch with her as much as possible.


Brittani Marcell’s court appearance on Friday was a significant development in the case against her. The judge ruled that Tia can testify against Brittani, which is a major victory for the prosecution.

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