KKR has announced that they are creating a new world in 2022 and it will include a global tournament with the best players from around the world. The announcement was made during the company’s annual meeting and it has been met with mixed reactions from the industry. On one hand, some people are excited for a new level of competitive play and on the other hand, there is concern about how this will affect the established leagues. While we don’t yet know the details of this new league, it is important to be prepared for what could happen. In this blog post, we will explore what you need to know in order to prepare for this possible change.

How the KKR Player List is created

A player’s position in the list is not determined by their salary, but by their importance to the team. Players who have played an important part for their teams are usually placed higher up in the list than players who have been playing lesser roles for their teams.

There is no fixed rule as to how a player’s position in the list is decided, but some of the factors that are taken into account include points scored, partnerships formed and wickets taken/conceded.

The players who will make the cut

There are many talented players that will vie for a spot on the KKR active roster for the 2016 season. Some of the players who are expected to make the cut include, Chris Gayle, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mitchell McClenaghan and Andre Russell.

Gayle is a seasoned international player who has been playing cricket for over 20 years. He has played for several teams in both domestic and international tournaments. He is known for his explosive batting style and is considered one of the best hitters in world cricket. Shahbaz Nadeem is also a veteran player who has experience playing in both domestic and international tournaments.  He is a left-handed batsman and all-rounder who has experience playing in both first-class and List A matches. Players who will not be selected for the KKR Player List

2. Players who will not be selected for the KKR Player List

KKR has announced their player list for the coming season and there are some players who will not be part of it. The list does not include all of the players who are contracted to the team, but it DOES include a lot of the regulars. The team has also made it clear that any player who is not part of this list will have to leave the team if they wish to continue playing in IPL or any other tournaments organised by KKR.

What this means for fans is that there will be a lot of new blood on show when KKR take on rival teams this season. Apart from that, many seasoned campaigners like Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Jos Buttler may well find themselves benched as new players try to make an impression on their first outing with the franchise.

How to get on the KKR Player List

To get on the KKR Player List, you first need to have an account with the cricket forum, and then follow these simple instructions:

– Go to the KKR Player List page
– Click on “Create New Account”
– Enter your desired username and password
– Click on “Sign In”
-tick the box next to “I am a member of CricketForum.com” and hit “Update Profile”


With the 2022 World Cup fast approaching, it’s time to start getting ready. Who will be playing in Russia? Who will be making the journey over there? And who knows – maybe this is the year we see a new world champion crowned. But who will get to play and what happens if someone drops out? In this article, I’ll be taking a look at all of these questions and more to help you get ready for the big event. So bookmark this page and come back later for updates!

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