King of Heads: How King Von Corpse Initiated a Series of Murders

King Von Corpse

When do you think of horror, who’s the first name that pops into your head? Chances are, it’s not King Von Corpse. But that’s exactly who we’re going to be discussing today—a madman with a penchant for killing people in gruesome ways. KingVonCorpse is the inspiration behind a spate of murders that has terrorized the inhabitants of a small town in Oregon.

And his modus operandi is nothing short of sickening: he decapitates his victims and posts their heads on public display. If you’re curious about this man and what leads to such heinous crimes, read on for more information about KingVonCorpse and his troubling series of murders.

Introducing King Von CorpseRapper King Von fatally shot in Atlanta

KingVonCorpse is a serial killer who has committed a series of murders throughout the United States. He first came to attention in 2018 when he murdered two people in Georgia. Since then, he has killed six more people, all of whom he decapitated. In this latest murder spree, King VonCorpse targeted two people who were driving on a highway near Atlanta. Not only did he decapitate them, but he also left explicit messages calling for other serial killers to join him in his rampage.

The Murders

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 2nd, a series of murders were committed in the city of Omaha, Nebraska.  The victims are all headless corpses, and it is thought that the culprit is  King VonCorpse.
Upon investigating they found what they thought was a headless corpse lying in the middle of the road. Nearby businesses were also reporting similar sightings of headless corpses throughout the night and into early morning hours.
It is still unclear as to why King VonCorpse killed these people or what his motive may have been.

The Suspects

The Suspects

There have been a number of murders that seem to be connected to the death of  KingVonCorpse.  Von Corpse is suspected of killing woman with her head cut off. Four more people have died with their heads removed since then, all found close to Von Corpse’s home. This has led detectives to believe that he may have been involved in these murders,  and they are looking for any clues that could lead them to the killer.

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The Investigation

The murders that started with the decapitation of a Georgetown student have been perplexing investigators for months.
KingVonCorpse has a history of mental illness and violence, and investigators believe that he is behind the murders of several people in the area over the last few years. His motive is still unknown, but investigators believe that he may be looking to gain notoriety or attract followers through his criminal activities. If you have any information about his possible involvement in this case, please contact the authorities.


Throughout history, there have been many killers who have left a trail of death and destruction in their wake. K.Von Corpse is one such killer, and his story is as chilling as it is horrific. Thank you for reading!

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