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Qasim Ali Shah hits out at PTI over social media trolls.

Social media has become an integral part of how people share news and information, but it’s also been used to spread false narratives and harass innocent people. This is especially true in Pakistan, where trolling has become a major issue for many people.

Qasim Ali Shah, a renowned Pakistani educator, recently spoke out against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government for failing to take action against the trolls that are abusing people online. In this blog post, we will discuss Qasim Ali Shah’s statement and what it means for the country’s future.

Who is Qasim Ali Shah?

Qasim Ali Shah is a Pakistani educator, motivational speaker, and television personality. He is the founder and CEO of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides education and training to underprivileged children in Pakistan.

Shah has appeared on several Pakistani talk shows and has written several books on self-improvement. In recent years, he has become increasingly critical of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, of which he was once a member.

Shah has accused PTI of using social media trolls to silence dissent and criticism. He has also accused PTI of failing to deliver on its promises to the people of Pakistan.

What did he say about PTI and social media trolls?Qasim Ali Shah hits out at PTI over social media trolls

In a recent interview, Qasim Ali Shah took a dig at PTI over social media trolls. He said that PTI should take action against the trolls instead of encouraging them. He also added that social media is a powerful tool and should be used responsibly.

How did PTI respond?

In response to Qasim Ali Shah’s criticism, PTI released a statement saying that they are committed to addressing the issue of online harassment and abuse and that they have taken action against individuals who have been involved in such behavior. They also said that they will continue to work with civil society organizations to address this problem.

What are the implications of this incident?

The implications of this incident are far-reaching. For one, it highlights the growing problem of social media trolls and the need for platform users to be more vigilant about their online activity. It also raises questions about the safety of public figures who are increasingly becoming targets of online harassment.

In this case, Qasim Ali Shah was able to speak out against his trolls and bring attention to the issue, but not all people in his position are so lucky. This incident underscores the need for better regulation of social media platforms and for more support for those who are targeted by online abuse.


In summary, Qasim Ali Shah’s recent comments have highlighted the importance of tackling social media trolls and the damage they can do to people. It is essential that those in positions of power take swift action to combat this problem and show their support for those who are targeted by these malicious individuals.

Social media should be a place where everyone feels safe and secure, so it is paramount that we continue to work together as a society toward achieving this goal.

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