In the world of royalty, fortune and fame come with a set of expectations. But for one member of the British royal family, these expectations came with devastating consequences. This is the tragic story of Sarah Ferguson, the daughter of Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert, who lived her life as an outcast and a social pariah. Sarah was born in 1844 and she would remain officially nameless for the first few weeks of her life until her father finally acknowledged her existence and gave her his surname. From then on, she had to live with the shame of being an illegitimate child in a family that valued tradition and propriety above all else. Read on to learn more about this heartbreaking tale.

Who was the bastard of the royal family?

The bastard of the royal family was an illegitimate child who was born outside of wedlock. The child’s mother was usually a member of the lower nobility or even a commoner. The bastard was often raised in a separate household from the legitimate children of the royal family, and they were not given the same rights or privileges as their legitimate siblings. In some cases, the bastard was even denied their father’s surname.

The bastard status could be passed down to their children, and they would often have to live with the stigma of being an illegitimate child their whole lives. Many bastards were never acknowledged by their fathers, and they grew up feeling rejected and alone. Some bastards did manage to rise above their humble beginnings and make something of themselves, but for most of them, life was a struggle.

Why were they abandoned?

When King Henry VIII of England divorced his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and married Anne Boleyn, he precipitated a break with the Catholic Church. This resulted in the Church declaring his marriage to Anne invalid and his children by her illegitimate. As a result, any child born of their union was considered illegitimate and not heir to the throne. Unfortunately for them, this included their first child, Elizabeth. While her parents’ marriage was later declared valid by the Church, the damage was done and Elizabeth would always be considered illegitimate in the eyes of most people.

While it is true that Elizabeth’s illegitimacy might have been held against her if she had attempted to claim the throne, it is also likely that she would have been able to overcome it. After all, her half-brother Edward VI was proclaimed king despite being illegitimate (although he was later legitimized by an act of Parliament). It is possible that Elizabeth would have been able to do the same thing if she had truly wanted to be queen.

So why were Elizabeth and her siblings abandoned by their father? There are several possible explanations. First, it is possible that Henry simply lost interest in them after Anne Boleyn’s death. He remarried twice more and had several other children; perhaps he simply didn’t care about the ones he had with Anne anymore. Second, it is possible that he felt guilty about what he had done to them and decided that it would be best for them

The tragic story of their life

The Tragic Story Of The Abandoned Bastard Of The Royal Family

The royal family has a long and tragic history of abandoning its members. The most recent example is the story of the abandoned bastard of the royal family. This child was born out of wedlock to a member of the royal family and was promptly abandoned by them.

The child was left to fend for themselves on the streets of London. They were eventually taken in by a kind-hearted couple who raised them as their own. However, the couple could not give the child the life they deserved. The child grew up in poverty and never knew the love of a family.

As an adult, the abandoned bastard of the royal family tried to contact their biological parents but they were met with rejection. The experience left them feeling broken and unloved. They eventually took their own life, unable to cope with the pain any longer.

This tragedy highlights the callousness of the royal family and their complete lack of empathy for others. It is a sad story that should serve as a warning to us all.

What happened to them in the end?

The Tragic Story Of The Abandoned Bastard Of The Royal Family:

In the end, the abandoned bastard of the royal family ended up living a tragic life. He was raised in poverty and never knew his father or mother. He never had any real friends or anyone to care for him. He was always alone and felt unloved. In the end, he committed suicide.

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