Are you the kind of person who sees a cute mini skirt in the store and just has to have it? Or maybe you’ve always been partial to a flirty midi skirt? Either way, there are some really good reasons why you should give up too-short skirts once and for all. Whether you want to look more professional or feel comfortable in your own skin, here are five compelling reasons why it’s time to retire those mini skirts for good.

They’re uncomfortable

As women, we’ve been told that we can wear whatever we want and that it’s our choice what to do with our bodies. While this is true, there are some styles of clothing that just aren’t practical or comfortable. Too-short skirts are one of those styles. Here are three reasons why you should give up too-short skirts once and for all:

1. They’re uncomfortable: Too-short skirts ride up and end up being more like a mini dress than a skirt. This means that you’re constantly adjusting your clothing and feeling self-conscious about how you look. Not to mention, they’re often made from materials that aren’t very breathable or comfortable to begin with.

2. They don’t flatter your figure: Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the legs or buttocks to pull off a short skirt without looking ridiculous. If you want to show off your legs, there are much better ways to do it than by wearing a too-short skirt.

3. They’re not appropriate for every occasion: Short skirts are great for a night out on the town or a summer party, but they’re not appropriate for work, school, or any other formal setting. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to dress the part – and that means no short skirts.

They’re unprofessional

1. They’re unprofessional: Too-short skirts are unprofessional and send the wrong message to your boss, colleagues, and clients. You want to be taken seriously in the workplace, and short skirts send the opposite message. They make you look unprofessional and immature, and can even be seen as a form of sexual harassment.

2. They’re uncomfortable: Short skirts are often uncomfortable, especially when you’re sitting down or walking around all day. They can ride up, dig into your skin, and generally just be a pain to deal with. Not to mention, they often leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.

3. They’re impractical: Let’s face it – short skirts are just not practical. If you’re constantly having to adjust them or pull them down, they’re not doing their job properly. Plus, they can be a hazard in certain situations (think: windy days, unpredictable weather).

4. Theysend the wrong message: Wearing short skirts sends the message that you’re looking for attention – whether it’s positive or negative attention doesn’t matter. It sends the wrong message to both men and women, and can come across as desperate or trashy.

5.They don’t flatter everyone: Just because a short skirt looks good on one person doesn’t mean it will look good on everyone. In fact, most women would look better in a longer skirt that flatters their figure more than a short skirt does.

They make you look childish

Many people believe that wearing short skirts is only appropriate for young girls. This is not the case! Short skirts can be worn by women of all ages, but there are some drawbacks. One reason why you might want to avoid too-short skirts is because they can make you look childish. If you’re trying to impress someone or look more professional, a shorter skirt might not be the best choice. Additionally, shorter skirts can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you’re not careful. There have been many reports of women being injured while wearing short skirts, so it’s definitely something to consider before putting one on.

They’re impractical

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re constantly adjusting your skirt. Whether it’s pulling it down to avoid a wardrobe malfunction or hitching it up to avoid showing too much skin, it’s just impractical. And don’t even get us started on the windy days!

They send the wrong message

Many people believe that wearing short skirts sends the wrong message. They feel that it shows a lack of respect for oneself and is an invitation for others to objectify and sexualize you. Wearing short skirts can also make you appear immature and irresponsible.

How to transition to more age-appropriate styles

If you’re in your late twenties or early thirties and still rocking the too-short skirts you wore in college, it’s time for a change. Here are a few reasons why you should give up the mini and transition to more age-appropriate styles:

1. Your body has changed.

Even if you haven’t gained weight, your body has probably changed since college. Maybe you’ve had a baby, or lost weight. Either way, your body is different than it was in college, and that means your clothes should be different too. Wearing a mini skirt when you’re no longer in college-shape just makes you look out of place and immature.

2. Too-short skirts are unprofessional.

In the real world, there’s no such thing as “dress down Friday.” If you want to be taken seriously at work (and in life), it’s important to dress the part. That means leaving the short skirts at home and opting for something a little more professional, like a knee-length pencil skirt or even a maxi dress.

3. You’re not going to attract the right kind of attention.

Wearing a too-short skirt will only attract attention from guys who are looking for a one night stand – not exactly what you’re looking for, right? If you want to attract a quality guy who’s interested in more than just your looks, you need to dress like it. A shorter skirt


Too-short skirts are a fashion trend that can quickly become outdated. They can be uncomfortable and make you look older than your actual age. If you want to stay on-trend in the fashion world, it’s best to avoid short skirts and opt for more modern styles instead. With these five reasons in mind, we hope that you will consider giving up too-short skirts once and for all!

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