The NHL Mock Draft is a highly anticipated event where hockey fans and experts alike get to predict the future of their favorite teams. It’s a time for excitement, speculation, and plenty of debates over who should go first overall. And with the 2021 draft just around the corner, we’ve put together our own mock draft to break down the top picks and give you an inside look at each team’s thought process. So grab your favorite jersey and let’s dive into our NHL Mock Draft!

The Top Picks in our Mock Draft

1. First Overall Pick – Buffalo Sabres
With the first overall pick, the Buffalo Sabres are predicted to select Owen Power, a dominant defenseman from the University of Michigan. His size and skating ability will make him an asset on both ends of the ice.

2. Second Overall Pick – Seattle Kraken
The Seattle Kraken are expected to take Matthew Beniers with their first-ever draft pick. A center from Michigan, Beniers is known for his speed, skill, and playmaking abilities.

3. Third Overall Pick – Anaheim Ducks
At number three, our mock draft predicts that the Anaheim Ducks will select Simon Edvinsson. This Swedish defenseman has great offensive potential and could be a game-changer for the team’s blue line.

4. Fourth Overall Pick – New Jersey Devils
The New Jersey Devils are projected to take Luke Hughes at number four overall- making it two brothers drafted in back-to-back years by the same team! The younger brother of Jack Hughes (drafted by NJD in 2019), Luke is another talented defenseman who excels at moving the puck up ice.

5. Fifth Overall Pick – Columbus Blue Jackets
We predict that Kent Johnson will go fifth overall to Columbus Blue Jackets- giving them some much-needed offense upfront! Johnson has dynamic puck skills and can create scoring chances out of nowhere.

These top picks have immense talent and promise for their respective teams’ futures; but only time can tell how they’ll fare in NHL action!

Why each team took the player they did

The NHL Mock Draft is an exciting opportunity for teams to secure their future stars. Each team has a different strategy when it comes to selecting the perfect player. Here’s why each team took the player they did in our mock draft.

First up, we have the Buffalo Sabres who selected Owen Power as their first overall pick. The Sabres needed a strong defenseman and Power fits the bill perfectly. His impressive skills on both ends of the ice make him a valuable asset to any team.

Next, we have the Seattle Kraken who went with Matthew Beniers as their first-ever draft pick. With his natural leadership skills and versatility on offense, Beniers was deemed as the best choice for this new franchise.

The Anaheim Ducks chose Dylan Guenther with their third overall pick due to his exceptional scoring abilities at such a young age. He has proven himself as one of the most dynamic forwards available in this year’s draft class.

Moving on to number four, we have William Eklund being picked by New Jersey Devils. Eklund is known for his playmaking ability and offensive prowess which is exactly what this rebuilding Devils team needs.

Rounding out our top five picks is Luke Hughes going to Columbus Blue Jackets. Hughes’ size and skill set make him an ideal fit for Columbus’ defensive lineup that emphasizes physicality and strength.

Each team had specific needs that drove their selections in our mock draft process leading up to what should be another unforgettable NHL season!

What to think about with these picks

With the NHL Mock Draft being such a crucial event for many teams, there are several factors to consider when analyzing the picks made. Firstly, it’s important to think about the team’s current needs and how each draft pick can fulfill those needs. Are they looking for a forward or defenseman? Do they need someone who excels at scoring goals or protecting their own net?

Another aspect to bear in mind is each player’s potential for growth and development. Some prospects may have more raw talent than others but lack experience or consistency on the ice. Similarly, some players may have already reached their peak and be less likely to improve further.

Teams must also take into consideration any off-ice issues that could potentially impact a player’s performance. This includes injuries, suspensions, or character concerns which could all affect a player’s attitude towards the game.

Moreover, it is essential not only to analyze individual picks but also how they fit into an overall strategy of building a team capable of competing in today’s fast-paced NHL environment.

Ultimately, every selection made during the NHL Mock Draft has long-lasting effects on both individual careers as well as entire franchises’ fortunes. Therefore, careful consideration should be taken before making any final decisions regarding who gets picked where!

Who might be available at the bottom of the first round

As we move towards the end of the first round, it can be tough to predict which players will still be available. However, based on team needs and potential surprises earlier in the draft, there are a few prospects who may slip down to the bottom.

One player who could potentially fall is Brendan Brisson, a skilled center from Michigan committed to playing at the University of Michigan next season. While he’s known for his offensive abilities and hockey IQ, some scouts have expressed concerns about his size and ability to handle physical play at higher levels.

Another prospect worth keeping an eye on is Hendrix Lapierre from Chicoutimi in the QMJHL. Despite dealing with injuries throughout last season, Lapierre has shown flashes of elite skill as a centerman with excellent vision and passing ability. However, questions about his durability could cause him to drop lower than expected.

Another intriguing option is Kaiden Guhle from Prince Albert in the WHL. As a defenseman with good size and skating ability, Guhle has drawn comparisons to Shea Weber for his physicality and shot-blocking skills. Depending on how teams prioritize their defensive needs late in the first round, Guhle could present excellent value as a pick near 31st overall.

While predicting availability at this point can be difficult due to unpredictable trades or surprising picks earlier in the draft, these three prospects represent solid options that teams should consider if they’re still available by pick #31.

Who is worth targeting in the second round

The second round of the NHL draft is where teams can find hidden gems and potential steals. These players may not have received as much hype or attention leading up to the draft, but they still have a lot of talent and potential.

One player worth targeting in the second round is Simon Robertsson, a winger from Sweden. Robertsson has great speed and impressive offensive skills, making him a valuable asset for any team looking to add scoring depth.

Another player to consider is Ryder Korczak, a center from Canada. Korczak is known for his strong two-way game and hockey IQ. He also has good hands and playmaking abilities that make him an intriguing prospect.

If you’re looking for defensemen in the second round, Sean Behrens from the United States could be a solid choice. Although he’s undersized at 5’9″, Behrens makes up for it with his skating ability and puck-moving skills.

William Stromgren from Sweden could be another steal in the second round. As a right-wing forward with size (6’3″), he has shown flashes of high-end skill with good vision on the ice.

There are many talented prospects available in the second round of this year’s NHL draft who could potentially become impact players at some point down the road.

The Final Picks in our Mock Draft

And there you have it, the final picks in our NHL mock draft. It’s important to keep in mind that these are just predictions and anything can happen on draft day. However, we believe that each team has made a solid choice based on their specific needs.

As the NHL draft approaches, make sure to keep an eye out for any last-minute changes or surprises. And don’t forget about the potential gems available at the bottom of the first round and in the second round.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting into hockey, following mock drafts can be a fun way to get excited for what’s to come. We hope our breakdown of the top picks and reasoning behind them has provided some insight into this year’s draft.

Now sit back, relax, and let’s see how accurate our predictions turn out to be come draft day!

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